Helix Flipper uses a helix shaped arrangement of stainless alloy tubing to rotate the baskets onto their floats for fouling control and drying. It is attached to the vessel with a bracket which holds it at a set height in the water at the entry to the helix and has an adjustment system at the rear which allows the operator to set the exit height of the baskets. Adjusting the exit height allows the baskets to be levelled by moving some of the oysters so that the oysters sit evenly across the basket. In most cases it will be necessary for the vessel owner to attach a small bracket to the top of the bulwark to their chosen vessel to hold the flipper in place. The helix flipper is operated by driving the vessel with its motor along the line rather than using the hauling line. A trained operator can flip 8,000 baskets per hour in good conditions.


Dimensions:   2777mmL X 1042W X 1080H

Weight:  92 lbs

Helix Flipper with vessel mount

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