Each 5 mm FlipFarm Basket includes one unassembled Hexcyl Pro 507 Basket, one HDPE hard plastic float, two plastic float screws, one axle, two axle backers, and four stainless steel axle screws.  The floats are 12L extra heavy-duty HDPE. These are shaped so that the float is spaced off the basket by 30mm. This creates an air gap between the float and basket which allows for excellent drying conditions for the basket and oysters when flipped over.


Dimensions:  732mmL X 270mmW X 140mmH (basket only)


5mm FlipFarm Basket - 5mm Mesh $37.40 each (box of 15)

1 Pint
  • Hexcyl Baskets are shipped unassembled in box quanties of 15. Orders must be placed in quantities of 15.