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How Long Does it Take to Flip the Farm and how many employees do I need?

It takes about a second to flip over each basket.  A million oysters can be flipped in one hour.  Biofouling Control can require almost half of the labor applied to a traditional farm.  The FlipFarm System cuts the time required by more than 90%.  Our farm model assumes that one farmer can easily control biofouling on a farm producing a million oysters per year.

Is this System Waranteed

The Hexcyl Baskets come with a 5 year warranty that is unprecedented in the industry.  The service life may be 30 years or more. The FlipFarm system provides farmers with the peace of mind that their investment will deliver long term profits.

How does FlipFarm fare in Storms

The FlipFarm system has proven to be secure and robust in bad weather conditions.  FlipFarm line size and strength along with a unique and patented axle design and a good anchoring system are the keys to successful storm survival.  We are here to help you with planning your growing grid. The Hexcyl baskets themselves can take a more significant pounding than metal cages because of the materials used and the geometric design.  You no longer need to deal with rusted, twisted and sharp metal edges of damaged cages.

Does the flipper fit onto any boat design

Our latest design, the Heli-Cat, can be lashed to the side of any boat.   As you scale your farm into the millions of oysters, you will likely want a boat that can be tailored to the scaled operations.  However,  the current gear can be used for farms well over 1 million oysters .   We are finding that smaller farmers like the idea of sharing a flipping boat and harvesting boat for multiple nearby farms.

How do you over-winter with this gear

In most parts of the US, your farm can be left on the surface.  If you are located in an area where ice requires that you sink your gear then some of the floats can be removed and small anchors can be set along the line to hold the baskets below the surface.  A new float design is currently in development and will soon be released allowing for flooding the floats and sinking the gear quickly and easily. 

Do you have US patents on this design or can I build my own

FlipFarm intellectual property  is protected in the United States and Internationally.  Please respect our intellectual property, our investment and the effort to deliver this revolutionary farming system to the ocean farming industry.  If you cannot afford the equipment then please reach out to us and we'll gladly do everything we can to help find financial resources for you to be a part of this leap forward in ocean farming.

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