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When it comes to choosing the right equipment for scaling an oyster farm you can trust FlipFarm gear.  This gear maximizes both your economics and your positive impact on the environment.  As a seventh year farmer and now a supplier of this ingenious system, I hope to help revolutionize oyster farming on the eastern seaboard. We guarantee you’ll find this system impressive and our training and service second to none.  Contact us with any questions or visit our farm to see it in action

The Genesis of FlipFarm
Our oyster farm needed three key improvements - 1. to reduce the labor needed for de-fouling, 2. to be able to harvest efficiently and 3. to scale in volume to improve the economic proposition of oyster farming.   FlipFarm solved these challenges at the same capital cost and reduced our injury rate substantially. 

Award Winning Impact 
on Ocean Aquaculture

Check out our recent Aquaculture Innovation Award and contact us with any questions.

Keith Butterfield
Northeast Distributor

As the FlipFarm system supplier operating out of Yarmouth, Maine, we're excited to share information and demonstrate the system's effectiveness to fellow oyster farmers.  We've built lasting relationships and a strong reputation as a trusted partner. We believe that the client comes first - which means exceptional products, fair pricing and knowledgeable service. Contact us today to learn how we can be of service to you.



124 Even Keel Road
Yarmouth, Maine

857 753-1302

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